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I got a Wacom Tablet and Posting Schedule

2014-05-07 17:10:18 by NicksGraphicArt

Well, I have bought a Wacom Tablet, a small one, and some programs that came along with it. So, I will be dilly dallying around with that. But, this week, I will be drawing a lot, hopfully, and then I will upload all or most of my art onot here and deviantart. I want to scan all the art I have now, tomorrow (Thursday May 8th), and upload them. I also kind of want to use them as bases so I can improve my skill with digital art and figure out how to work my tablet. So, that is going to be fun. I will TRY to get a steady schedule going so, I can just have that and it'll be fun.

I still have to get past my anxiety of posting my artwork and such, so that'll be progress for me. Hopefully, I will catch someone's attention to where I can do commissions in the near future. I plan to go to art conventions and expos and festivals to show off my art and maybe I'll go to New Mexico, where my Mom says that there is A LOT of art, and my family members also say that too. But, I'll have to see. I do have an anxiety disorder and I get tired out pretty easily so, I'll have to go slow for the first couple of times until I get used to big crowds and noise.

So, that's all the news I have for right now. Well, besides the upload schedule, it's going to be all over the place for a few months but, I have to get everything sorted out and figure out my tablet and so on. So, it's going to be all over the place for my art and uploading. I'll try to get a good assortment of art, like people, backgrounds, concepts and weapons. I want to expand my range and my mediums, like working digitally but, I'll have to ease into that.


-Nick (May 7, 2014)


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