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Steves Diamond Curse ( Mi Steves Diamond Curse ( Mi

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It was a good and short animation. I know that this is your first full animation and it is pretty good. Did you choose Minecraft because it was a lot easier to animate or did you just did it because you like the game so much? I mean I don't mind but, you have a good amount a lee way to improve and I have read the reviews and that you said that your dog barks at any sort of sound? That could have been a funny bit in the animation to have dogs barking madly in the background.

As for the art, it's pretty good. I like it but, as previously said, you have a lot of lee way to improve your animation and style. First full animations are always the toughest aren't they? I'm sure that I will be having a bit of trouble on my animation as soon as I get adobe flash eventually. I think that it is a good first full animation and that you have a lot of potential just bottled up in you waiting for the right amount of practice and experience it'll all come out. This is good but, we both know that you can do better. But, don't worry I'll continue to watch you content and watch you improve, even though that may seem weird the way I typed that. Haha. But, you do have A LOT of potential and I can't wait to see more of your animations and content.

And you do have a lot to learn in the future. -Nick

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RushLightInvader responds:

Thank you .i like u nick. you understand. i did minecraft because i like it. not just because it was easy. i did this animation based on what happened to me. was near lava saw chicken , it scared me, but i didn't fall. the first ones are though. just learned how to lip sync for the next animation. that was hard at first. still kinda is. thx again.